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Liquidation of Venoa Pvt Ltd

Liquidation of Venoa Pvt Ltd

Notice Inviting Formal Proof of Debt or Claim Under Law No. 7/2023 (Companies Act)

Liquidator’s Details

Company Name: Shameeza Mohamed
ID Card No.: A317667
Date of Appointment By Shareholders: 10 December 2023

Company Details

Company Name: Venoa Pvt Ltd
Company Registration No.: C03892018
Status: In Liquidation

Submission of Proof of Debt or Claim

Take notice that any creditor of this company, whose debts or claims have not already been settled, are required on or before 7 days to prove their debts or claims and of any security held by them to the aforementioned liquidator.

If the creditor fails to formally prove their debts or claims and establish any title they may have by statement in writing, the respective creditor will be excluded from the benefit of any distribution made before their debts or claims are proved. Failure to prove debts or claims by a creditor will revoke the creditor’s right to object to any distribution made before such claim has been established.

Date of Notice
3rd March 2024

Deadline for Submitting Debts or Claims
10th March 2024

Address: H.Snoopy, 1st Floor, Asragee Magu, Male’, Maldives
Contact Person: Shameeza Mohamed
Contact Number: 7979993
Email: [email protected]