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Our Purpose

We exist to establish and administer an open corporate regulatory framework that is compatible with the entrepreneurial spirit and the growing business needs of both domestic and global economy. We assess existing legal and regulatory requirements and propose areas for regulation or deregulation depending on need for regulatory intervention.

We continue to digitalize our services and partially or fully devolve services to island councils aiming to increase service accessibility. Our IT infrastructure is continuously upgraded with an able team of internal and external developers who continue to work with our technical team to cater for the regulatory changes.

Our purpose is to provide simplified legal structures to start a business and collect reliable, reusable, and relevant data to drive economic activities.

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What We Do

  • Registration, regulation and cancellation/dissolution of Sole Proprietorships, Companies, Partnerships and Cooperative Societies;
  • Business Activity Registration;
  • SME Registration & Classification;
  • Administer the functions stipulated in the Export Import Act;
  • Undertake Registrar’s function stipulated in the Immigration Act in approving Business Visa & Corporate Resident Visa;
  • Administer the mandate given under the Decentralization Act relating to Local Authority Companies;
  • Review laws, regulations, policy, and procedures to facilitate businesses; and
  • Act as the key business registration data provider to other government agencies and private sector.


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