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Have you verified your eFaas?

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Have you verified your eFaas?

Your Key to a digital Maldives – eFaas

eFaas is the Maldives’ National Digital Identity, enabling you to identify yourself in-person and online. With the conveniences of the digital era, it’s crucial we learn how to ensure that our digital identity is secure and verifiable. eFaas allows individuals and businesses to access online services safely; By biometrically verifying your eFaas account, you gain access to a wider range of benefits and services offered by the Maldivian government. These include convenient online transactions, secure access to various government portals, and seamless interactions with government agencies.

Business Services & eFaas

Starting January 1, 2024, a verified eFaas account is mandatory for accessing online services related to Business Registration. This requirement aims to streamline the registration process and promote secure transactions for businesses.

Who can verify their account?

Maldivians and Foreigners with a work permit will be able to biometrically verify their eFaas

Biometric verification is being developed for foreigners not residing in Maldives and foreigners not under work permit

How do I verify my eFaas?