Registration and operations services



Registration of shipping marks

Why do I need to do this?

Follow this user guide if you need to register a shipping mark under your existing business. 

Where can I apply for the service?

You can apply in person at MED <pop up street address>

How long will the process take?

Same day as date of application (Day 1)


What are the fees and charges involved?

§  MVR 50 per month, according to the fee schedule period you request.

§  Revenue stamp of MVR 25


Which documents do I need to submit?



Check for:


Shipping mark registration application form

§  All required fields filled correctly

§  Business name written correctly

§  Proposed shipping mark in order of  preference (up to 5)

§  All documents listed in the application form are submitted

§  Signature (If applicant is an individual, his/her signature. If applicant is a business/government organisation, signature of an authorised person)

§  Seal (If applicant is a government entity or company registered for more than 15 days)


Registration certificate copy of business

§  Copy of business registration certificate


Softcopy of shipping mark

§  Softcopy of shipping mark in JPEG format


Registration fee

§  Calculated as per proposed fee schedule requested by customer


Revenue stamp

§  Revenue stamp of MVR 50



How do I apply for the service?

Day 1:

1. Lodge application at counter.

2. If any information is missing, provide the required information.

If application is in order, receive invoice slip for payment.

3. Make payment.

4. Receive the original of certificate, stamped with Ministry seal and revenue stamp attached.

What would I receive at the end of the process?

§  Shipping mark registration certificate

§  Copy of payment receipt



Did you know:

§  You must have a registered business (a company, partnership, cooperative society or sole proprietor) at the Ministry of Economic Development.

§  Payment by cheque is acceptable only with bank guarantees.


§  Business Registration Act <LINK>

§  Business Registration Regulation <LINK>

§  User guide for registration of companies <LINK>

§  User guide for registration of partnerships <LINK>

§  User guide for registration of cooperative societies <LINK>

§  User guide for registration of sole proprietorships <LINK>

§  User guide for business name registration <LINK>