Business Permits

How can I obtain a business permit for trading of imported goods from carnivals, fun fairs, promotion fairs, trade fairs and night markets?

· To obtain a permit for trade of imported goods from carnivals, fun fairs, promotion fairs, trade fairs and night markets, submit a Business Permit application form. 

· If a company submits the form, the position of the individual submitting the form should be specified and the form should have the company stamp. This individual should be a director of the company.

· If an individual submits the form, a copy of the Identification Card should be attached.

· The original ID card is also required for reference. 

· A letter signed by the organizer of the fair should be submitted, stating that he/she has assigned a stall for trade purposes under the name of the individual submitting the form.

Do I need to register a name for the business?

· A name is not required for trading in a carnival or fair. The name of the fair will be used as the name of the business in the permit.  

How much do I need to pay?

· If the duration of the fair is two months, the monthly fee should be paid upfront for two months. 

· If the duration of the fair is one month, you will be required to pay the fee for a month. 

· If the fair begins at the end of one month and ends within the next month, the monthly fee should be paid for two months. 

· The monthly fee for a place on an island with a population higher than 10,000 is Mrf. 200. 

· If the population is less than 10,000, the monthly fee is Mrf.50. The monthly fee for trading on uninhabited islands is Mrf.200. 

· The permit will be granted once the receipt of the monthly fee is submitted. 

· A revenue stamp worth Mrf.10 is required for the permit. 

· The duration of the permit should be the duration of the carnival or fair. 

Can I use an existing Business Permit for trading in carnivals and fairs?

The license for trading in carnivals and fairs can only be issued to the organizers. If the organizer already possesses a Business Permit, the existing license can be used. If the organizer does not have a Business Permit, a license should be obtained from the ministry. 

If the organizer wishes to operate the fair with other partners, and if these partners already possess Business Permits, the existing licenses can be used. However, those who do not have Business Permits should obtain it from the ministry. 

Are there any standards for carnivals or fairs?

· There are no standards specified for such stalls. It should meet the requirements of the fair organizer.

· The name or the table number should be placed somewhere easily visible as instructed by the management of the fair. 


What should be considered if a company is submitting the request for a permit or license?

·       If the request is made on behalf of a company, partnership, corporative society, club or a party that requires government registration, the receipt of the annual fee should be submitted with the request.

·       If the entity is not required to pay an annual fee, documentation that proves that it is a legal entity registered by the government should be submitted. 

·       The mandate of the entity should include trading of imported goods.