3rd Announcement for Bid Submission for Accounting Software Installation

Published on 08 Dec 2015


Bid Submission will be held on 16th December 2015 (Wednesday) 14:00 Hrs at M. Banff Villa – 2nd Floor, Majeedhee Magu, Malé, Maldives. Bids received before and after the bid submission deadline will not be accepted.


For further information please contact 3003018 or email to sabah@trade.gov.mv.

Terms of Reference


 Upgrade the QuickBooks Accounting Software and Configuring the Setup

        I.            Introduction

The Ministry of Economic Development is seeking for a qualified and experienced firm to upgradeQuickBooks Accounting Software and to do the necessary configuration required for the company setup to SABAH Maldives co-operative society. provide technical support to upgrade Quick Books software, update all the accounting records of the SABAH Co-operative society in the QuickBooks Accounting Software and to perform services  necessaryto bring the system to an operational level including configuration of the system and training of staff to use the software on a day-to-day basis.

     II.            Objective of Assignment

The objective of the Assignment is to bring the currently installed Quick Books Accounting Software system to an operational level and equip the staff with technical capacity to manage day –to-day accounting transactions of the SABAH Co-operative Society through the accounting software..

   III.            Scope of Consultancy

The successful bidder shall deliver the following outputs.

·         Assess the current software installed and configure the current system to bring it into an operational level based on the accouting polices and internal functions practiced and adopted in SABAH Maldives co-operative society.

·         Upgrade  currenty installed quick books software version to latest versions.

·         Data mining and data feeding of all SABAH project financial and production related transaction data, since the inception of SABAH project.

·         Effectively bring the the quick books software package to an operational level within minimum period of 1 (one) month and get the sign-off  from SABAH Maldives Project Manager and Finance Officer once the software package is upgraded, configured and updated with financial records. .

·         Train a minimum of 6 staffs on how to use the software. The service provider must provide a summary report outlining staff members trained,  details of training modules completed by each staff  and competency level of each staff trainined. 

·         Provide after-sales services for a period of minimum 6 months to ensure the system is in operation. Within this period, any bugging issues, errors, or queries regarding the accounting software should be provided and  the service provider must attend all querries and requirements of  the client.

·         The service provider must ensure all of the relevant outputs listed in the checklist shown in Annex A should be fulfilled upon successful implementation of the accounting software package. The service provider must get the sign-off from the project manager and the finance officer of SABAH Maldives co-orperative society.

·         On completion of the after sales service period, the service provider shall make a presentation to SABAH Board outlining the achievements of the consultancy, observations and recommednations for strengthening financial record keeping practices in SABAH Maldives.  

   IV.            Outputs

The selected firm shall carry out all tasks assigned by the Ministry that fits within the scope as identified above and should be rendered to the satisfaction of the Ministry.

     V.            Reporting arrangements

The services will be provided under the broad guidance and direction of SABAH Maldives co-operative society Chairperson and designated Ministy officials. Day to day  work will be overseen by the Project Manager and the Finance Officer.

The successful firm shall appoint a key focal point for communication purpose and shall be available during the contract period to respond all the calls and queries of the SABAH Maldives pertaining to services expected to be delivered under the service contract. 

   VI.            Eligibility criteria, qualification and experience

Proposals for the service will be considered from qualified and experienced firms that ideally fits the following eligibility criteria;

  1. Experience of the firm
  2. Expertise of the firm in providing similar services. . Under this criterion, the team assigned by the service provider should have qualified and experienced personnel in the necessary areas required for this project.
  3. Qualification and experience of staffs assigned to this service.

VII.            Composition of the technical and financial proposal[a1] 

Eligible parties interested to deliver the above scope of work are requested to submit their bids. The following shall be included in the bid proposal:

1.       Profile of the firm

Under this section, the following information shall be provided:

·         Experiance of staffs assigned to implement this project

·         Details of any past experiances in implementing of similar projects

·         Letters of reference from previous clients.


2.       Profile of the team

·         CV of team members


3.       Proposed Budget[a2] 

The proposed budget should be splitted based on the following breakdowns.

Description of Service[a3] 

Percentage of Payment

Delivery Dates


Review the currently installed system and do an assessment analysis to foresee what are the accounting modules that the current management needs. Based on this assessment a requirement needs to be established by the service provider.




Upgrade and install accounting software package with a minimal of 3 user license provided. For the currenty installed quick books software to the systems need to be upgraded to the latest versions.




Configuration of new company set up into the software package with all the mendatory processes aligned based on the internal functions practiced in SABAH Maldives co-operative society.




Data mining and data feeding of all SABAH project and production related data, since the inception of SABA project.




Train a minimum of 6 staffs on how to use the software. The service provider must get clearance of the staffs who has successfully trained and know how to use all the modules that is being configured within the software package.




Provide after-sales services for a period of minimum 6 months to ensure the system is in operation. Within this period, any bugging issues, errors, or queries regarding the accounting software;  the service provider must attend in clearing all the requirements inquired by the client.









All interested firms shall submit details as per the requirements mentioned above. Ministry will only be able to consider details submitted by the party in the evaluation of the proposals and will not take responsibility of lower scores that may be received due to non-submission of details requested.




Checklist for Upgrade of Accounting Software






Do an assessment of the currently installed sofware



Report to the management what is the current state of the installed software, what configurations are required.



Inform, the management regarding the status of the currently installed software.



Upgrade software on network/hard drives        



Upgrade printer(s) in network        



Choose type of check stock for Accounts Payable   






Enter/convert chart of accounts on new system      



Enter/convert vendor information on new system        



Enter/convert customer information on new system      



Enter/convert beginning balances into software for start of conversion      



 Develop beginning balances for conversion period      



Enter/convert budget information into new software    






Decide on chart of accounts         



Establish security levels for 3 users        



List reports needed to be generated from software/frequency        



Determine closing accounts schedule for existing and new system      






Training classes for minimum of 7 project staffs



Design format of needed financial statements; i.e. layout, account groupings         



Revise in-house data entry forms to accommodate new system      



Develop written procedures as needed (if required by the client)        



Get the sign off from Project manager, Finance officer and Trained staffs.



90-day Review with Staff/Consultant when upgrade.    



180-day Review with Staff/Consultant after completion of upgraded software and final review of the project.



Invetory Module features



·  Inventory labels can be easy to read

·  Unique and short item numbering for each item.

·  Item descriptions that are well-defined and clear.

·  Units of measure for how you will quantify your inventory (per box, per product piece, etc.).

·  A starting count of your inventory stock.

·  Software that tracks inventory activity. Create invoices, purchase orders, printing, payment receipts and more. The software should ideally be usable by multiple people who track and work with the inventory.



 [a1]Clearly state what should be included in the technical and financial proposal. This section is not clear enough. Please also state if the technical and financial proposal are to be submitted serperately.

 [a2]Why porposed budget? It should be price quote.

 [a3]Align with the scope of the work. Also add a column to insert prices quoted for each activity included in the scope.

 [a4]The detail level of work I think can be assessed once they do an assessment of the currently installed system.